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Navigating Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

This workshop is aimed at providing Managers, Leaders, Supervisors and Executives with the skills and techniques they need to navigate challenging conversations. 

The perfect solution for anyone who struggles with or avoids difficult conversations.

Focusing on giving you essential skills in negotiation, planning, self-reflection, clarity, and empathy to turn difficult conversations into constructive ones.


You will learn why some conversations are more difficult than others and why that makes them more important to tackle effectively.

Taught in an interactive workshop format, this trainer-led course offers processes and tools for making difficult conversations easier to hold. 

Our experienced HR Trainers will teach you how to transform your most intimidating situations into opportunities for building stronger relationships and improving outcomes.



Learning Outcomes

Understand best practices for holding difficult conversations. Practice behavioural and verbal conversation skills by applying to real life scenarios.


Learn how to transition tense & hostile situations into constructive opportunities for improvement and relationship building.

You will walk away prepared to hold a difficult conversation with confidence.  

Professional Development for your People 

  • 30 plus years' experience​
  • Qualified trainers
  • Wide industry experience
  • Interactive training
  • Turn hostility into productivity
  • $260 pp
  • Explore real situations
  • Learn to engage, not avoid
  • Group booking discount
  • Gain new skills & knowledge
  • Keep in touch with new developments
  • Improve relationships

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