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About us

Empowering Businesses with
People-First Solutions

We deliver Simple and Stress-Free HR Solutions

In 2013, Justine Pepper had a vision to transform the way businesses access HR consulting services. Thus, Essential HR was born.


Initially, offering traditional adhoc HR consulting, Justine soon realized that many businesses lacked the opportunity to stay updated with the latest HR practices, resources, and technology.

Driven by her commitment to bridge this gap, Essential HR introduced an innovative approach to HR solutions through an outsourcing/hybrid model.


"I believe that every business, regardless of size or industry, should have access to cutting-edge HR practices & systems."

To ensure we deliver top-tier solutions, in 2016 we formed a strategic partnership with renowned Australian HR and Payroll Platform provider, Employment Hero. As the first national partner of Employment Hero, we gained access to their powerful suite of tools and resources.

This partnership has enabled Essential HR to offer your business a wide range of future-proofed, reputable, and cost-effective solutions and services.


We go beyond traditional consulting firms by combining our fixed-fee services with advanced technology to deliver unmatched efficiencies, compliance, and forward-thinking strategies.

With Essential HR, you can expect innovative HR solutions that are tailored to your business's unique needs.


Now a team of 5 Human Resource, Industrial Relations and Recruitment experts, we are passionate and dedicated to helping you navigate the complex HR landscape, ensuring that your business remains competitive and compliant in today's rapidly evolving world.

Experience the Essential HR difference and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Why partner with Essential HR

  • 30 plus year experience​
  • Qualified HR Consultants
  • Wide industry experience
  • IR legal backing
  • Outsourced payroll
  • Cloud technology
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Scalable  
  • Packaged pricing
  • Backup resources
  • Shift to digital HRIS
  • HR Planning

Introducing the Essential HR Team

Uniting talent, passion, and expertise to exceed your expectations."


Justine Pepper

Managing Director

0419 568 899

With over 30 years of experience in HR Management and Industrial Relations, Justine brings a wealth of expertise to the table. She is fueled by a passion for small and medium-sized businesses to have access to best practice HR Solutions.


Justine firmly advocates for the integration of cloud-based technology, recognizing its power to empower employers and employees alike.


Furthermore, she believes that leveraging innovation in HR Management leads to enhanced customer/client services and more efficient product delivery.


Michaella Prow

Recruitment/HR Partner

0434 983 743

With Michaella's abundant qualifications and substantial background in recruitment and people management, she alleviates the burdensome aspects of the recruitment process for employers and prospective employees alike.


Michaella firmly believes that when handled adeptly, the recruitment process can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.


A key element contributing to her triumph as a recruitment specialist is her proficiency and extensive knowledge in utilising emotional intelligence (EQ) as a powerful tool in recruitment.

In addition to recruitment, Michaella serves as an experienced career transition professional, overseeing our Outplacement Service.


Harshini Elliott

Senior HR Partner

0412 303 170

Harshini possesses extensive expertise in Senior HR Management across diverse sectors such as Education, Aged Care, Disability, Automotive, Construction and Early Learning.


Leveraging her extensive industry background, she provides valuable assistance to a wide array of businesses, effectively managing every aspect of HR, from strategy to process design and implementation.


A significant aspect of Harshini's role entails coaching and training executives, leaders, and middle management in all facets of HR management, covering every possible area.

Tanya HS_edited_edited.jpg

Tanya Hibell

HR Advisor

0423 055 365

With over 15 years of HR management experience spanning various industries such as mining, legal, real estate, and professional services,


Tanya brings a wealth of expertise to the table. She has extensive experience in consulting and has provided valuable HR advice and support to numerous small and medium-sized businesses.


Tanya is dedicated to gaining a comprehensive understanding of a company's operations & is committed to meeting their day-to-day HR requirements.

What We Value:
Guiding clients every step towards excellence, doing it with passion and
making a meaningful impact


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