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Your Trusted Safety Partner,
Driving Business Success.

Our Safety partner solutions are dedicated to enhancing your peace of mind by providing high level safety measures and comprehensive support, ensuring a secure environment for your business and its employees.

HR Management
HR Management
HR Management

Partner with Essential HR

Essential HR can take your business to the next level. Get in touch to see how we can improve your Safety management.

Comprehensive WHS and Injury Management Services for a Safer Workplace

Introducing our WHS Partner service, designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses in search of affordable expertise in WHS & Injury Management.


We understand that ensuring a safe and healthy work environment is a top priority for every organisation. Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and Injury Management are not just regulatory requirements; they are crucial for the wellbeing of your employees and the success of your business.


That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of WHS services and Injury Management solutions designed to protect your workforce and optimise your operations.

Dedicated local WHS Partner 

Unlimited Workplace Advice Support 

Delivered by experienced and qualified WHS experts

Meet your Employer obligations and limit your risk 

Discover the Benefits of Collaborating with an Exceptional Safety Partner.
A dedicated Safety Partner

Your Safety Partner will integrate across your business to provide day to day WHS support. 

Safety Strategy

Drive the process in creating and implementing the overall Safety and Injury Management Strategy

Safety Audits

Auditing your current Safety practices and providing you with a comprehensive report and recommendations for improvement.

WHS Policies & Procedures

Your Safety Partner will implement best practice Safety and Injury Management policies and procedures


Have phone and email access to a Safety expert for advice on matters such as WHS Act interpretation, SafeWork SA, Workplace incidents & Accidents. Injury Management, Workers Compensation and employer obligations.

Return to Work Coordinator/Injury Managment

Coordinate and oversee the RTW process, including injury management, RTW plans, Work Cover Claims

Why partner with Essential HR

  • 30 plus year experience​
  • Qualified Consultants
  • Wide industry experience
  • Limit Risk
  • Stay Compliant
  • Fixed monthly fee 
  • Backup resources
  • Flexible Options
  • Proactive Services
  • Meet Your Obligations
  • Streamlined Technology
  • Safety Strategy

Have questions?

Speak with us on how we can help you.

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