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Recruitment for Hiring Managers

Human Resources includes many specialist disciplines and recruitment is one of the most important, especially in today’s challenging market. A key player in the recruitment process is the hiring manager who has responsibility for hiring, inducting, managing, and retaining staff. 

This workshop will introduce you to specific sourcing methods to ensure your job advertisements reach the targeted audience, employ various sourcing methods to attract and find the talent you are seeking and look into the principles and techniques of interviewing.   

Anyone with an interest in the recruitment industry will gain from this workshop.  Whether you are a first-time recruitment consultant or have many years experience, this workshop will allow you to refine your specialist skills so you can elevate your HR career.

Delivered by Essential HR's recruitment expert, Michaella Prow, this program will give your hiring managers the skills to recruit the right people for the right jobs in line with your company culture. 



Job interviews

Learning Outcomes

Learn the techniques to ensure job advertisements reach the right audience. Develop the principles and techniques of screening & interviewing.

Build your skills in selecting candidates who match all job role requirements including competencies and cultural fit.

Professional Development for your People 

  • 30 plus years' experience​
  • Qualified trainers
  • Interactive training
  • Tricks to effective screening
  • $260 pp
  • Practice with a current role to fill
  • Best practice interviewing techniques
  • Group booking discount
  • Wide industry experience
  • Gain new skills & knowledge
  • Attract in a tough market
  • Improve staff retention

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