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Finding the right HR professional is tough, have you considered outsourcing?

At Essential HR, we deeply understand the appeal of maintaining an internal HR team. However, in challenging the status quo, we propose a shift in perspective: outsourcing your HR function. While the notion may initially seem unconventional, we're here to demonstrate how this approach can not only fit seamlessly into your business model but also enhance it significantly.

The Evolution of Outsourcing

Outsourcing, which began gaining traction in the 1980s and exploded in the 1990s, has evolved over the past three decades. This strategy is particularly familiar to small businesses that can't afford full-time, expert resources. Even larger organisations recognise the financial benefits, often outsourcing functions like payroll, recruitment & finance to cut costs. Our philosophy is straightforward: if recruiting an in-house expert is impractical or unattainable, find that external expert who can offer their services as needed. This approach not only ensures expertise but also mitigates risks associated with non-compliance and potential litigation, often a pitfall when non-specialists handle sensitive HR tasks.

The Essential HR Outsourcing Model

  1. Solid Service Delivery Model: We believe in a robust model that guarantees effective HR services integration.

  2. Real-Time Accessible HR Platform: Essential HR implement a HR platform that facilitates immediate information exchange between clients and providers, reduces time spent on HR admin, ensures HR compliance and promotes employee engagement.

  3. Proactive and Planned Service: Our approach includes a proactive HR strategy with a clear plan of deliverables.

  4. Empowering, Not Policing: HR, whether internal or external, should empower, coach and educate managers to lead, not police their teams.

  5. Leadership Integration: Our HR professionals are integral to the leadership team, driving the HR agenda forward.

  6. Diverse Expertise: We ensure a comprehensive coverage of all HR aspects by having a team with varied levels of expertise, including Legal and Safety expertise.

Top 9 Benefits of Outsourcing HR with Essential HR:

  1. Control Capital Costs: Outsourcing transforms fixed costs into variable costs, freeing capital for investment elsewhere in your business, and making your company more appealing to investors.

  2. Increased Efficiency: Outsourcing replaces manual, inefficient processes with automated, technology-driven solutions, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

  3. Reduced Labour Costs: Save on the expenses of hiring and training, while focusing your human resources where they're needed most.

  4. Quick Project Initiation: Outsourcing firms, focused solely on HR services, can start and execute new projects efficiently.

  5. Core Business Focus: With limited resources, outsourcing allows businesses to concentrate on customer-oriented activities and clearer managerial priorities.

  6. Leveling the Playing Field: Small and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy the same scale of services, efficiency, and expertise that larger companies have access to.

  7. Reduced Risk: Navigating the complex Australian Industrial Relations System is safer with an outsourcing partner who is up to date with legislation and risk management and has the backing of a legal and safety team of experts.

  8. Year-Round Resources: Outsourcing ensures uninterrupted service, even during employee leaves, by providing a team of experts readily available for any client.

  9. Software Cost Reduction: Clients benefit from cloud-based platforms without the need for in-house installation, customisation, and maintenance.


Essential HR offers these benefits and more. Our approach to HR outsourcing is designed to integrate seamlessly into your business, providing not just a service, but a partnership that fosters growth, efficiency, and compliance. To explore how our tailored HR solutions can benefit your organisation, we invite you to reach out and start a conversation with us today. Email:


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