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Conducting Performance Reviews for Busy Managers

This workshop is designed for busy professionals who aspire to master the art of delivering meaningful, productive, and motivational performance reviews.


Our goal is to empower managers with the skills and insights necessary to foster growth, productivity, and engagement within their teams, ensuring that every minute spent in performance reviews translates into tangible benefits for both employees and the organisation.

Central to our training program is the delivery of content by experienced HR experts who understand the day-to-day challenges managers face. Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights gained from assisting managers in various industries to implement best practices in team engagement and organisational success. Their expertise ensures that the course content is grounded in real-world applications, making the learning experience both relevant and actionable for participants.

"Conducting Performance Reviews for Busy Managers" is an essential investment for any leader looking to elevate their team's performance and engagement.




Learning Outcomes

Learn how to deliver constructive feedback that inspires and motivates your team members, rather than discourages them


Acquire techniques for conducting thorough performance reviews in a time-sensitive manner, ensuring that you can maintain productivity without sacrificing depth.

Understand how to set realistic, measurable goals and expectations that align with your team's strengths and the organisation's objectives.


Discover strategies to build trust and openness during reviews, contributing to a more engaged and motivated team.

Learn how to streamline and manage Performance Reviews via Employment Hero (HR Software (optional for Employment Hero users)

Professional Development for your People 

  • 30 plus years' experience​
  • Interactive training
  • Deliver powerful feedback
  • $260 pp
  • HR Qualified trainers
  • Explore real situations
  • Increase engagement
  • Group booking discount
  • Wide industry experience
  • Gain new skills & knowledge
  • Drive performance
  • Invest in people, see the returns

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