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August Employment Hero Promotion

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your workforce?

Essential HR, in partnership with Employment Hero, has an exciting promotion for you!

Sign up by 25th August and supercharge your growth.

For New Subscribers:

  • 3 months free HR when taking Platinum.

  • 3 months free Payroll when taking Premium.

  • 2 months free HR when taking Premium.

  • 2 months free Payroll when taking Standard.

  • Essential HR will take 40% off our Implementation fee

For Existing Subscribers:

Thinking of enhancing your existing subscription? Now is the perfect time!

Add HR or Payroll to your existing subscription by 25th August for:

  • 3 months free HR when taking Platinum

  • 3 months free Payroll when taking Premium

  • 2 months free HR when taking Premium

  • 2 months free Payroll when taking Standard

  • Essential HR will take 40% off our Implementation fee

Software - Employment Hero

Unify and streamline your HR processes with our all-in-one platform, empowering your team and automating your workplace.

Increased Efficiency: The HR software will automate routine HR tasks, such as employee onboarding, policy acknowledgement, records of certifications, leave & timesheet management, and performance reviews. This will significantly reduce manual efforts, minimise errors, and allow the business to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Employee Experience: A user-friendly self-service portal will be accessible to all employees, enabling them to manage personal information, access payslips, complete timesheets, complete self-performance evaluations, tap into staff benefits and submit leave requests effortlessly. This self-service feature will promote transparency and empower employees to take ownership of their HR-related needs.

Centralised Data Management: The HR software will serve as a single repository for all employee-related information, including employment details, document management, employment history, pay details, leave management, timesheets, performance reviews, training records, and more. This centralised database will ensure data accuracy, improve compliance, and facilitate efficient reporting.

Recruitment: Allows you to effortlessly advertise roles, track applicants, manage referrals, communicate with candidates, and onboard new talent.

HR Metrics & Reporting: Providing a set of pre-built reports as well as custom reports that cater to the unique needs of your organisation. The Reports are designed to empower HR and line managers with essential insights and comprehensive analytics that enhance your workforce's efficiency and drive business growth.

Learning Management: Access the Learning Management System (LMS), which you can enable in your HR platform to help you create, assign, and track employment-related learning within your organisation. Create and assign longer, multi-media courses for your employees to complete. Or you can use the feature in a lightweight manner and use simply to host quizzes or test following training that your organisation may have held in person.

Employee Engagement: Design employee surveys to measure your employees’ thoughts, opinions, and feelings within your workplace and use these insights to build a stronger workplace culture. Features exit interviews, employee happiness surveys or custom surveys.

Goals: The Goals (OKRs) feature allows you to create a new company, team or individual goal and specify what the key results are, and how you can measure the progress of these objectives.

Performance Reviews: Set up online performance reviews, 1:1 meetings and 360 performance reviews to streamline your performance management system. Use for probationary reviews, regular feedback sessions or as part of your formal annual performance review process.

Compliance and Security: The HR software will adhere to industry-leading security standards to protect sensitive employee data. It will also facilitate compliance with employment laws and regulations, minimising potential risks and liabilities.

About Essential HR

Essential HR is a dynamic and innovative organisation that recognises the significance of streamlined human resources management for optimal operational efficiency and employee engagement. As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing internal processes, we recommend the implementation of advanced HR software, Employment Hero to revolutionise your HR function and improve overall employee experience.

Get in touch with us now to take advantage of this great offer.



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