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Have you considered a Hybrid Outsourcing Model for managing your HR needs?

Outsourcing practices for a range of business needs such as IT, Marketing & HR has been popular over the last 30+ years. The concept is very familiar with small-medium businesses who cannot financially support “expert” resources internally, nor do they need these resources on a full-time basis yet want the assurance of receiving HR advice and support across the working week.

Our philosophy around outsourcing is: “if you cannot justify recruiting an “expert” who has the right experience and qualification required to help you manage and grow your business successfully, then look for the right “expert” externally who can be there when and as you need them”.

In the past businesses preferred HR resources to work onsite. However, COVID-19 and technology has shifted this thinking globally resulting in an acceptance and even encouragement for HR staff to work remotely or under a hybrid model (combination of remote and on-site). Both scenarios have proven to be effective.

Essential HR understand the importance of face-to-face contact whilst delivering all the benefits of an outsourced HR department. Here is how we successfully do it:

1. Implement smart technology.

Often the systems and processes businesses have internally to manage their HR are manual and inefficient with paper files living onsite in the office. Essential HR stay ahead with technology to offer automated processes to improve efficiency & compliance, reducing errors, cost and time spent on HR administration. As the 1st Employment Hero (HR software) implementation partner in Australia we will implement Employment Hero and continually improve your HR operational processes and procedures.

2. Support and coach non-HR people managers.

Every business has limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help your business to shift its focus from peripheral activities towards work that serves the customer, and it can help managers set their priorities more clearly. We work alongside managers, both on-site and remotely, coaching and advising them to help build their HR capabilities and maximise their use of the management tools available in Employment Hero.

3. Provide dedicated HR experts.

You and your management team will have access to a dedicated, experienced and qualified local HR/IR Business Partner who will be assigned to your organisation to manage key functions and priorities of the organisation’s strategic and operational HR requirements. Essential HR consultants originate from HR Management roles in organisations and understand the complexities of workforce management and company culture, and how HR strategies, policy, programs, and practices impact performance.

4. Immediate advice & support.

As HR is our core business, we can quickly and efficiently get up and running to provide effective and pragmatic employee relations and workplace advice to you and your managers. Our experts know their stuff covering areas such as Modern Awards, Enterprise Agreements and employment legislation. We will advise you on employee entitlements, rates of pay, managing investigations, underperformance, grievances, misconduct issues, termination of employment matters, and introducing operational changes into the workplace including the possibility of redundancies.

5. Reduce your risk.

Employing and paying staff carries a certain amount of risk. The Australian Industrial Relations System is very complex and often there are changes to legislation. We manage this risk for you. We keep up to date with changes and are generally much better at deciding how our clients can avoid risks when employing and managing people.

6. Having the right resource all year round.

Your employees are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave and 10 days personal leave per annum and will soon be entitled to 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave. When staff are away, there may be no-one else to handover the responsibilities of HR. By outsourcing, this will never be an issue again. Essential HR have multiple experts who can work across any client.

How can Essential HR help?

As specialists in human resource management and industrial relations we assist Australian businesses navigate their way through the complexities around employing people.

We deliver HR Partnering Services via a hybrid or virtual model. With a powerful combination of technology and expertise, we deliver efficiencies, compliance, pragmatic advice and solutions.

To learn more how we can assist your workplace stay up-to-date and compliant by visiting our website at:


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