Payroll Software

EI Payroll has partnered with KeyPay whose payroll software is in the *Top 3 Australian providers for market share and the #1 for businesses with under 50 employees. The payroll software is packed with features such as Single Touch Payroll, Time and Attendance, Rostering and Award Interpretation. KeyPay also seamlessly integrates with popular cloud-based HR and accounting systems.

Single Touch Payroll

EI Payroll is STP ready enabling you to securely report and send payroll information directly to the ATO. With EI Payroll you can be confidant your STP compliance is covered.

Pay Conditions

Streamline your payroll with our pay conditions engine allowing you to automate most payroll decision making processes.

Time & Attendance

Every business is different which is why our software provide flexible methods for capturing and recording employee start and finish times.

Award Interpretation

With the largest Modern Award library pre-built into the payroll system, EI Payroll make it easy for payroll managers to pay staff correctly.


Easily manage your staffing costs which enables businesses to build and manage rosters along with the ability to see real time staff costings.

Superannuation Clearing

Remove superannuation payment complications with our clearing house service.

EI Payroll Product Integrations

EI Payroll seamlessly integrates with a number of platforms, populating data from one platform to another, offering an all-in-one solution. Platforms include: Employment Hero, Xero, Deputy, Netsuite, Saasu, Quickbooks, Kounta, Wageloch, Invoxy and Noahface Shift

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