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How to Recruit the Best Team of People Without Regretting Your Decision

  • Poor recruitment decisions costing you time and money?
  • Can't afford Recruitment Agencies to manage the process for you?
  • Selecting candidates that don't 100% fit what you need?
  • Winging it when it comes to interviewing candidates?
  • Your gut instinct is telling you "no" but you are desperate to fill the role?

Are you sick of hiring duds?

In small business you cannot afford to make a poor recruitment decision. Poor recruitment practices result in a a hit and miss outcome. When you get it wrong the impact is so great in time and productivity. Having a recruitment strategy that is fool proof is king!

HR Knowledge Base

Tap into e-Books and Guides to improve your knowledge and skills in the best recruitment and selection strategies.


HR Library

Download a full range of recruitment tools and templates, and a Recruitment & Selection Policy and Procedures to help you through the process. Access 100's of recommended interview questions for a wide variety of roles.


Recruitment Training

Powerpoint presentations you can use to roll out your recruitment strategy across your business and educate managers and staff in how to recruit the best employees.

  • Recruiting Framework– Develop the right process for recruitment
  • Job Descriptions – Develop a Person and Job Specification
  • Interview Guides – Use behavioural questioning as the main basis for interviews
  • Sourcing Strategies – To identify the right candidates for your organisation
  • Screening & Selection Techniques – To match candidates capabilities and achieve cultural fit
  • Legal Framework – Including EEO & Anti-discrimination Law


Take action now and subscribe to the Recruitment Module and be sure you make the right selection decisions. For just $395 plus GST you will have access for a whole year to Content, Tools, Guides and 100's of interview questions.

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