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How To Deal with Poor Performance or Undesirable Behaviour, Without Ending up in Court


  • Is Poor performance bringing your business down?
  • Too stressed to effectively confront poor performance?
  • Lost in how to deal with someone’s undesirable behaviour?
  • Feel the issues and problems can no longer be swept under the carpet?
  • Unsure how to approach the situation?
  • Fearful of having a claim made against you?

Had enough with employees who are not hitting the mark?

Is poor performance or behaviour ruining your business? Is it having a negative impact on other team members? Having a structured process in place to quickly deal with and confront the issues "head on" is critical to business success.

HR Knowledge Base

Informative content to show you how to address poor performance and undesirable behaviours that will help improve performance, or where improvement doesn’t occur or is short-lived, effectively exit the non-performer from your business.


HR Library

Download and edit a full range of tools and templates to help you through the process. Tap into pre-written poor performance policies and procedures and compliant formal warning letters, termination letters and much more.


Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint presentations you can use to roll out your policy and procedures to deal with staff issues across your business and educate managers and staff to effectively manage poor performance.

  • Dealing with poor performance framework
  • How to avoid unfair and unlawful dismissal claims
  • steps to take when dealing with people performance issues.
  • How can you terminate someone's employment legally and fairly
  • Dealing with misconduct
  • Handling probationary and casual employees who are not performing
  • What to say during the performance/Behaviour discussions
  • Taking notes that will protect the company should we end up in court.
Take action now and subscribe to the Dealing with Poor Performance Module and get things back on track. For just $395 plus GST you will have access for a whole year to Content, Tools, Guides and compliant formal warning and termination letters.

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