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How to Build A High Performing Team Without Having A HR Department

KPI’s not being met?

Sales targets being missed?

Productivity dropping?

Attention to detail slipping?

Customer care losing its gloss?

High staff turn over?

Hearing employee excuses instead of ownership?


Performance and Productivity on a downward spiral?

Every day we hear from frustrated business owners who say they are not getting a return on their investment from employees. That the gap between what they want and what the employee delivers is widening every day.

HR Library

Download and insert your company name and logo on pre-written Performance Management System Policies & Procedures. Includes Performance Review Templates, Rating Scales, KPI Competencies tool kit and much more...


HR Knowledge Base

e-Book and Guides to help you create KPIs and measures, implement your Performance Management System, Run a Performance Review and give constructive feedback to employees.


HR Training

Powerpoint presentations you can use to roll out your performance management system across your business and educate your managers and staff. 

  1. Get employees committed to your short and long-term 
  2. Create Performance Plans that directly link to the bigger picture
  3. Develop tools to measure the achievements of KPI's
  4. Recognise your Company Values as the key to achieving KPI's
  5. Engage and motivate staff to achieve and exceed their KPI's
  6. Conduct meaningful Performance Reviews, targeted to outcomes
Build a high performing team and subscribe to the Performance Management Module. For just $595 plus GST you will have access for a whole year to Content, Tools, Guides, Review Templates and more.

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