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How to Achieve HR Compliance Without a Law Degree

  • Worried you may be in breach of employment law and legislation?
  • Find the Fair Work Australia Act 2009 all too complex and confusing?
  • Spending too much time on HR administration and keeping employment records?
  • Too many errors are being made when paying people?

Do you lie awake at night wondering if you are meeting your employer obligations?

Worry no more! All you need to do is have the right HR policies and procedures implemented across your business coupled with a little know-how and understanding of your employer obligations. Its easy, we have done all the hard work for you!

HR Knowledge Base

Informative content to help you understand and take action to meet your employer obligations.


HR Library

Download and insert your company name and logo on pre-written HR Policies and Procedures, HR Letters, Checklist and Templates.


HR Presentations

Powerpoint presentations you can use to roll out your HR across your business and educate managers and staff

  • Avoid a Fair Work Inspector Knocking on your Door

  • Limit your Risks in Fines and Costly Disputes

  • Effectively Manage your Human Resources


Take action now and subscribe to the HR Compliance Module for complete peace of mind. For just $495 plus GST you will have access for a whole year to Content, Tools and HR Compliant Policies and Procedures. 

SUBSCRIBE NOW and get 10% discount


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