Outsourced HR Partner

Operating as an extension of your team

By engaging an Essential HR Partner, you will have unlimited access to your own experienced and qualified HR specialist, who will stand by your side as your true HR Partner. Plus, we will implement an innovative HRIS Platform to remove at least 80% of the administration work involved when you employ people. 


Your hr partner will provide you with critical support and advice across all facets of people and performance management in your business. We will help you manage your workforce to meet legislation requirements and best practice, allowing you to focus on growing your business and your team with ease.

Essential HR Partner services include:

  • Implementation, training and maintenance of your HR software, Employment Hero

  • Access to unlimited HR advice via phone and email

  • Review and maintenance of contracts, policies and fair work compliance

  • Help managing investigations, underperformance, grievance and misconduct issues

  • Assistance in drafting HR documentation including warnings, performance plans, termination of employment and change in terms and conditions of employment

  • Representation of workplace claims, such as an unfair dismissal claim

  • Coaching, mentoring and advising your direct line managers to build their HR capabilities

  • HR strategy plans aligned to your overall goals

Why engage an HR Partner?:

  • Save time and money. Reduce overheads and the need to build an HR function

  • Reduce risk. Ensure HR compliance and lower exposure to risk

  • Stay informed. Access the latest tools, innovations and best practices to HR management.

  • Peace of mind. Have certainty that your HR is in capable hands.

  • Provide support. Support your managers which helps with retention and engagement

  • Tap into experts. HR, IR, Legal, Payroll, Migration, ER and Technology experts all under the one roof and accessed via your Partner.

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