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HR Lead Partner

Partnering with you to improve, develop and grow your business through contemporary HR strategy, practices, and expertise

Our HR Lead Partner service is for medium to larger businesses who are seeking a HR Lead who will develop your HR strategy in collaboration with the leadership team, whilst providing guidance and support to your internal HR team to deliver the strategy at an operational level. 

Attending key leadership or management meetings, your dedicated HR Lead will drive the HR Strategy agenda in line with business goals and objectives.

Your HR Lead will support, coach and mentor your internal HR team to ensure the HR strategy is delivered at the operational level. 

HR Management
A workforce solution focused on identifying & developing your Corporate HR strategy & capabilities.
A dedicated HR Lead

Your HR Lead will integrate across your leadership team and internal HR team to deliver on a range of HR outcomes.  Gaining an understanding of your organisational goals, objectives, challenges, and opportunities, they will provide HR advice on and develop the HR strategy whilst supporting the internal HR team to deliver HR objectives at an operational level. 


Participating in annual business planning days and providing HR Strategy updates at the monthly management meetings, your HR Lead will play an integral role in linking the overall corporate goals with HR goals and objectives.

Business Discussion
Access to HR advice / support

Your internal HR team will have unlimited phone and email access to timely HR advice via your HR Lead who will provide effective and pragmatic employee relations and performance management advice.


Annually, your HR Lead will facilitate the development/update of the HR Operational plan.


They will gain access to HR advice, expertise, coaching and support to help close any gaps in their HR knowledge and capability.  Today, HR and Industrial relations is very complex and forever changing. We provide your HR team with clarity around HR matters whilst developing team members as HR professionals.

Business Team
Professional Development for Leaders Program

As Hogan accredited profilers, we have developed a program for leaders to continually develop strengths, shortcomings, blind spots, and hidden talents.


We commence this program with each leader completing an online Hogan Assessment.  Once the assessment is complete your HR Lead will review the report, set up a time to meet face to face with each leader to provide insight & meaning of the results and discuss the way forward.


The leader with the guidance and support of the HR Lead will create a leadership development plan. Your HR Lead will continue to meet with each leader to coach, guide, and advise on how to address shortcomings, build on their potential, and use strategies to overcome any blind spots.

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