A new generation of HR Outsourcing Specialists.

Essential HR specialise in human resource management and industrial relations helping small to medium sized businesses navigate their way through the complexities around employing people.  

With a powerful combination of technology and expertise, we will deliver efficiencies, compliance and forward thinking to your business that you never thought possible.


Benefits Through Innovation & Collaboration

Improve Productivity

Connected and engaged people create high performance and increased productivity. Essential HR provides the combination of cutting edge technology, that automates and connects people, with qualified and experienced HR Consultants.

Peace of Mind

Compliance is a big issue in business today. Australian Workplace and Payroll laws are complex, ever changing and sometimes confusing. Your own dedicated  HR Manager will give you the right HR Advice, helping you make the right decisions to keep you compliant.


Often small to medium businesses sacrifice getting expert advice and cutting edge IT solutions due to exorbitant costs in managing Payroll and HR internally. Our fees are affordable and transparent, calculated on a per employee basis.

Flexible Solutions

We offer various combinations of services to suit your business needs. From full outsourcing of your Human Resource Management, OR working on a singular project to implement an in house solution. We can customise our services and your system to match your unique requirements.

Revolutionary Cloud Based Software

Accessible 24/7. You and your employees will love this cloud based technology. From electronically onboarding new staff, applying for leave, issuing employment contracts and hr policies and procedures,  completing a performance evaluation online. Our HR Software will create an integrated workforce.

Automate and Streamline Processes

With employee and manager self-service (portal access) available, workflow management and approval processes are made easy. Reduce time, errors, resources and cost around administering pays, leave, timesheets, onboarding and offboarding and appraisals

HR and Payroll Services

Bundle together and save!




As an extension to your team, Essential HR will provide you with critical support and advice across all facets of people and performance management in your business. We will help you manage your workforce to meet legislation requirements and best practice, allowing you to focus on growing your business and your team with ease.


$795 per month

IMG_3650-1255 - Copy.jpg


Our on-demand HR Consulting services, delivered locally in Adelaide, will provide you with highly experienced and qualified HR experts who can step in to assist you with an immediate workplace  issue, support your current HR team or  deliver a specific project.


$225 per hour



Reduce your exposure to risk and non-compliance.  Our experienced payroll team will partner with you to provide an end to end solution. You can rest assured knowing this critical business function is taken care of.


$350 per month

Phone Operator


Supported by a team of experts in HR and legal, get the right answers quickly by subscribing to unlimited workplace advice, hr documents, compliance audits and representation. You will be able to make quick and informed decisions.


$10 per emp/month



Save up to 70% of your time spent on hr administration. Get Australia’s first all-in-one hr software and employee benefits solution – Employment Hero. Experience a radically better way to manage your HR processes and make your staff happier with great employee benefits.


$9 per emp/month

Startup Development Team


If you have the ability to manage your payroll internally and are looking for easy-to-use payroll software that is feature rich and bundled with support, then our payroll software & support services is a popular option for businesses of all sizes.


$6 per emp/ month


Recognising that many small to medium sized businesses in Adelaide do not have internal HR resources, Essential HR have developed cost effective and scalable solutions to suit any business needs.  We deliver our solutions with a focus on systems & processes, compliance, performance and retention, aligning company goals with best practice HR strategies.  What sets us apart from traditional HR consulting is we are powered by Employment Innovations, meaning we can offer additional support and services including managed payroll services, legal advice and HR/payroll technology, such as Employment Hero and Keypay.

“Thanks again for your persistence and understanding last year, I can’t tell you how good it was to have a formidable force on my side for once”  

Lauro, Owner, Mister Sunshines Cafe




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