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HR Solutions for Small Business

We understand that small businesses need good HR practices to survive and thrive today. Running a tight ship means putting HR down the priority list, however, what would you say if you can have the best HR policies, practices and know-how for a small financial investment. The good news is, YOU CAN!

  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Achieve consistency across your business
  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Get staff more invested in achieving result and being accountable for outcomes
  • Refocus management time on activities that generate the greatest return
  • Set the platform for growth and development
  • Be less stressed and have more time to enjoy life.

Achieve HR Compliance Without a Law Degree

Tap into pre-written HR Policies & Procedures, Templates, Checklists, Employment Contracts and much more to ensure you are HR compliant and can effectively meet your employer obligations.


Build A High Performance Team, Without Having an Internal HR Department

Don't start from scratch! We have designed your ideal Performance Management System for you.  Easy to implement and easy to use, you will have a high performing team in no time at all.


Recruit the Best Team of People Without Regretting Your Decision

Never hire a 'dud' again. Learn effective strategies to attract and select the right people every time. This module comes with a range of Handy Tools you can easily introduce into your recruitment processes.


Deal with Poor Performance or Undesirable Behaviour, Without Ending up in Court

Have a structured process in place to quickly deal with the issues. Identify what behaviours are causing employee to underperform, confront poor performance head on and redirect behaviour to improve performance.


Have Best HR Practices up and running in no time at all

Subscriptions starting at $395 per HR Module for a years access to all things HR. No prior HR experience required; we have done the hard work for you. Save thousands of dollars in HR Consulting fees and turn your business into the success story it deserves.


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